Use the GPX format to exchange data with apps such as Garmin Basecamp, but Garmin doesn't support custom data fields. Use the boydsmaps format to backup all your data or transfer it to another device. It is saved in a tab-delimited text file that can be imported into spreadsheet and database apps.


Export GPX File
Export boydsmaps File

Import waypoints from a file

GPX files are compatible with Garmin's devices and software. GPX files may also contain tracks and routes, which may cause problems. We recommend that you only import GPX files containing waypoints.

Boydsmaps files use a proprietary format with custom data fields that Garmin doesn't support. They are stored in TXT files and can also be used with database and spreadsheet apps such as Microsoft Excel.

WARNING: All app and user data on this device will be deleted and replaced with the contents of the backup file.

You must have a valid backup file available on this device before proceeding.