Cook’s Map of the Pines

by Boyd Ostroff

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Cook’s Map of the Pines is based on eight overlapping maps by geologist George H. Cook and topographer C. C. Vermeule for the Geological Survey of New Jersey during the period 1885-1890. Starting with PDF files from the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library at Rutgers University, each map was precisely georeferenced, cropped and stitched into a seamless map of Southern New Jersey. The precision georeferencing process involved matching more than 4,000 features with high-resolution contemporary data, correcting substantial errors in original maps. This process created some distortion in parts of the map that had significant errors, as manifested by stretched text and grid lines that aren’t straight (the thin blue lines show the correct location of the grid). But the goal of this project was the creation of an accurate nineteenth century map that would line up with modern aerial imagery. A notable feature of the Cook/Vermeule maps is their representation of landcover. The little trees aren’t just a decorative element, they’re a visual representation of the density and proportion of coniferous and deciduous trees in the forest.




Original maps from the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library at Rutgers University:

Atlas Sheet No. 10 : A Topographical Map of the Vicinity of Salem : From Woodbury and Bridgeton, Westward to the Delaware River (1887)

Atlas Sheet No. 11 : A Topographical Map of the Vicinity of Camden to Burlington, Winslow, Elmer, and Swedesboro (1887)

Atlas Sheet No. 12 : A Topographical Map of the Vicinity of Mount Holly from Bordentown Southward to Woodslow and Woodmansie (1887)

Atlas Sheet No. 13: A Topographical Map of the Vicinity of Barnegat Bay with the Greater Part of Ocean County (1886)

Atlas Sheet No. 14: A Topographical Map of the Vicinity of Bridgeton from Alloway, Elmer and Newfield Southward to the Delaware Bay Shore (1890)

Atlas Sheet No. 15: A Topographical Map of the Southern Interior from Millville to Atco and Egg Harbor City (1890)

Atlas Sheet No. 16: A Topographical Map of Egg Harbor and Vicinity Including the Atlantic Shore from Barnegat to Great Egg Harbor (1885)

Atlas Sheet No. 17: A Topographical Map of the Peninsula of Cape May, with the Country Westward to Maurice River (1886)

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