The Favorite Maps Menu

The favorites menu gives you quick access to a list of frequently used maps. The first time you click the heart button you’ll see a an enhanced version of the NJPB map menu, but you can completely customize the map list to suit your own needs. The menu initially appears at the top left of the screen, but can be dragged anywhere you like. To close the favorites menu, click the X in the top right corner.



The full power of the favorites menu is unlocked by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner to access the editor. Select a map and use the arrow buttons to move it up or down the list. Click the Delete button to remove a map from the menu. The Expert button opens the advanced editor, giving you full access to the favorites data file.



Configure the favorites menu exactly the way you like – name the maps whatever you choose. Click the Edit button to change the name of a menu item or choose a different map.



Click the Add button to add a new map to the menu. The favorites menu must contain at least one map and there is no maximum limit. As a practical matter, depending on the size of your screen, you’ll probably find that the maximum is around 24 maps. The menu does not scroll and you need to have enough space for the editor buttons.



The box where you enter your custom name is sized to give you an idea of how much text will fit in the menu. You can use a longer name if desired, but only part of it will show when you edit or add the favorite.



The full name will show in the menu however as a larger item with two lines of text. If you really want to use long names, it may be easier to use the advanced editor (see the next section).



You must click the Save button to finalize any changes you’ve made to the menu. If you try to close the editor before saving your changes, you’ll see a warning message. If you choose the Exit Anyway option, your changes are discarded and the most recently saved version of your favorites will be restored. Note that you must close the editor before you can close the favorites menu. For best results, don’t have multiple browser tabs open for the site while you are editing favorites. This could result in different versions of the favorites menu “competing” with each other.



The Reset button clears the menu and lets you choose a new list of maps. Here you’ll find a variety of map lists for different parts of the Northeast US. Or pick the minimum option if you’d prefer to choose each map by yourself. The final option on the reset menu provides examples for advanced users to customize the menu with HTML code. This will be covered in the next section.



The favorites menu uses the Web Storage API which is an improved version of the old “cookie” system. No user data is stored on the server, it is all locally stored on your computer and only accessible by you. This means you will not have access to your favorites while using another computer, but it’s possible to move or share favorites using expert mode. This will be covered in the next section.

Web Storage is supported in recent versions of all major browsers, but it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. For more information regarding compatibility, see:


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