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My screen goes blank when I choose a different map from the menu.

This happens when you choose a map of a different region that has no data for the area you’re currently viewing. Click the button with the bullseye symbol to set your view to the middle of the new map.

I tried that, but I still see a blank screen.

Try to re-loading the web page. If this doesn’t help, the map you’ve chosen may not be available or there could be some other sort of problem. has no control over the availability or performance of maps that are hosted off-site.

The USGS National Map Topo and Imagery is very slow, or doesn’t load at all.

Unfortunately the USGS servers can be extremely slow sometimes. This is completely beyond the control of, about all you can do is reload the page in your browser and see if that helps, or come back and try again later.

The whole site is very slow, or I can’t access it at all.

This could be caused by a number of things. Make sure that your internet connection works properly. A variety of connectivity problems can occur between you and the server. The site is also under active development and there may be times when it isn’t available. The following website can show whether others are also having problems: You can also check the hosting company’s status center. The server is physically located in DC-1, Connecticut:

Also see this support thread for information about site outages:

What’s the “Leaflet Map API” that is mentioned in various places here?

An API is an Application Programming Interface and Leaflet is a free, open source set of functions for displaying map data in a web browser: It has the advantage of being very compact and efficient, and although it lacks some advanced functions, it can be extended and customized as needed.

What kind of data do you collect? Do you keep track of the locations that I view on the map?

Maps consist of many small 256×256-pixel “tiles”. The raw Apache webserver log lists every tile that is accessed, along with the IP address, operating system and browser that was used. This information is not used for anything at the present time and will not be shared with third parties. The WordPress/Jetpack software keeps track of the pages that are accessed, but it doesn’t know what locations you view on the map. For more information on data that is shared with WordPress/Jetpack, see the following link. Much of the information there isn’t relevant to, because users can only view the map and can’t post content on the site.

Is the site protected from malware and viruses?

In-depth scans for malware and intrusion are performed by Vaultpress. The site’s web host has also deployed Imunify360 and CageFS throughout their infrastructure.

I have a question that isn’t covered here.

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