Getting Started


You can Zoom the map with the buttons, but most people will find a mouse scroll wheel or trackpad the best way to zoom.

The full-screen button expands the map to the edges of the screen and hides the normal browser window. To exit fullscreen mode, click the button again or press the ESC key.

The home button resets the view to a map and location that you can configure in the user preferences. 

The map center button sets the map view to the center of the current map without changing zoom level. Click this button if you see a blank screen when changing maps.

The go to button allows you to center the map on coordinates that you enter. Latitude and longitude must be in decimal degrees and separated by a comma. If you enter a location outside of the site’s coverage area, you’ll get an error message.

The G, b and NJPB buttons open the current location in Google, Bing or NJPB maps. This will be covered in detail in a following section.

Click the crosshairs button to hide or show the crosshairs at the center of the map. You can can also set the default behavior of the crosshairs in the User Preferences and this determines whether they are visible or hidden when you arrive at the site or open a new tab. 

The map information button opens a page of detailed data about the current map, including metadata, links and usage constraints.

The download button opens the download page for the current map (if available). Downloadable maps are compatible with gps devices and over two dozen apps on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android and iOS.

The help button opens the Help topics menu in a new tab.

The user preferences button opens a dialog box with settings that you can personalize. This is covered in detail in another section.

The favorites button opens a menu that you can customize with the maps you use most frequently. This will be covered in detail in another section.

The map  data bar shows the coordinates of the center crosshairs, your current zoom level and the map name.

The scale bar shows distance in feet/miles.

Basic map attribution info is shown at the bottom right. Use the map info button for more detailed information, credits and usage constraints.

The Map Menu on the top right automatically drops down when you move your mouse over the button. This will be covered in detail in the next section.


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