Setting the Home Button and User Preferences

The home button can be configured to show any map and location that you choose. This will then be the first map that you see when you arrive at To set the home button, start by opening the maps menu and choosing a map.


Now drag the map to the location you want and set the zoom level as desired.


Use the wrench button to open the user preferences dialog box.



Finally, click the Set Home button. You can also change the icon if desired.


The user preferences also allow you to set the default for the center crosshairs. This determines whether they are visible or hidden when you first arrive at the site. Choose the option that you prefer.

As you use the map, you can temporarily hide or show the crosshairs at any time, regardless of your preference setting.


Your user preferences are saved with the Web Storage API which is an improved version of the old website “cookie” system. No user data is stored on the server, it is all locally stored on your computer and only accessible by you. Web Storage is supported in recent versions of all major browsers, but it is not compatible with Internet Explorer. For more information regarding compatibility, see:


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