LIDAR in the Pines 2021 (Monochrome)

© 2021 Boyd Ostroff


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This map of the Southern New Jersey terrain was created from USGS and NJDEP Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data at a resolution of 1-meter per pixel. A neutral surface was applied to the DEM data with 4x vertical exaggeration and light source with a 45-degree azimuth and 40-degree elevation. Unlike Boyd’s other LIDAR-based maps, no additional features (such as waterbodies or roads) were used, this map consists solely of the LIDAR-derived DEM data.

“Bare Earth LIDAR” data was used in the creation of this map, so (for example) instead of seeing a building on the map, you will see the foundation below. The map also uses “Hydro Flattening” where waterbodies larger than two acres have been processed to show a flat water surface at the same elevation. 2015 data from the USGS 3d Elevation Program (3DEP) was used for Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties as well as portions of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Data from the NJDEP South NJ LIDAR project, captured in early 2019, was used for Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties. This data has been re-sampled to 1-meter from the original 2-foot resolution.



NJDEP Bureau of GIS, NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of GIS (NJOIT/OGIS)

US Geological Survey 3d Elevation Program (USGS 3DEP)

Sanborn Map Company, Inc.


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Users should be aware that temporal changes may have occurred since this dataset was collected and that some parts of these data may no longer represent actual surface conditions. Users should not use these data for critical applications without a full awareness of its limitations. Acknowledgement of the U.S. Geological Survey would be appreciated for products derived from these data.


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