New Jersey 2012 – 2013 High Resolution Orthophotography, False Color Near-Infrared

NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS)

Data Source


This service displays 3 band false color infrared (near IR) images from the 4-band project. The native data set spatial reference system is State Plane Coordinate System NAD83 Coordinates, U.S. Survey Feet. In most client software, the default spatial reference system of the service will be Geographic Coordinates, WGS84. Multi-spectral digital orthophotography was produced at a scale of 1:2400 (1″ = 200′) with a 1 foot pixel resolution for the entire state, totaling approximately 8,162 square miles.Digital orthophotography combines the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. Each digitized perspective aerial photograph is rectified for camera lens distortion, vertical displacement caused by terrain relief and variations in aircraft altitude and orientation.

Aerial photography of New Jersey was captured on the following flight dates: March 14, 2012; March 15, 2012; March 18, 2012; March 19, 2012; March 23, 2012; March 27, 2012; March 30, 2012; April 3, 2012; April 4, 2012; April 5, 2012; April 6, 2012; April 13, 2012; April 14, 2012; and April 16, 2012. The Nominal Acquisition Altitude of 9600′ (AGL) was used to capture the imagery. Supplemental flight lines were also acquired over defined urban areas of Atlantic City, Jersey City, Newark, and Trenton in order to provide additional imagery to be used in the process of minimizing building lean during orthophotography production.

Aerial imagery was acquired using a Zeiss/Intergraph Digital Frame camera (DMC) with a flight design that included a total of 11157 exposures in 139 flight lines. This includes the acquisition of supplemental imagery over the cities of Atlantic City (4 Flight Lines; 141 Frames), Jersey City (6 Flight Lines; 158 Frames), Newark (5 Flight Lines; 120 Frames), and Trenton (7 Flight Lines; 200 Frames) that was used to minimize building lean in the orthophotography production process. Aerial imagery was supplemented with the simultaneous acquisition of airborne GPS/IMU data, which captured the ground coordinate for the nadir point of each photograph. Aerial imagery was exposed at an altitude of 9600′ above mean terrain yielding an approximate scale of 1:19200.


Photo Science, Inc. was the operating contractor. Contract, procurement, and Quality Assurance by U.S. Geological Survey. Funding obtained by NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems, from the following: -NJ State Police, Office of Emergency Management (NJSP, OEM) -National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) via U.S. Geological Survey -NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)-NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) -NJ Transit -NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) -NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMAVA) -US Army Corps of Engineers Processing for the WMS was done by the NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems

Horizontal Position Accuracy

Please see AccuracyAnalyst_NJStatewide_BP.pdf for a detailed report showing the 40 control points measured to produce the NSSDA value of 1.440 feet.Because the WMS provides a resampled image, the accuracy of this image may be slightly poorer. This effect has not been examined in a quantitative manner..

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Acknowledgement of “NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS)” as the data source would be appreciated. Reference date for the data set in a citation should be 2012 – 2013.

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