NJPB Map Exchange


This function lets you open the same map view at NJPB maps and boydsmaps. Start by clicking the NJPB button


The NJPB Map Exchange dialog box will open. To view the current map at NJPineBarrens.com, just click the Go button.



The same (or a similar) map will open in a new tab at NJPineBarrens.com



To open a NJPB maps link here at boydsmaps, copy the URL from the NJPB Maps address bar, or a link from the forums.



Now open the NJPB Map Exchange dialog box and do the following:



The map view will change to match your NJPB link. When possible, a similar map will be opened. In this example, LIDAR in the Pines HD has been substituted for the NJPB LIDAR map.



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