Parcels in the Pines

by Boyd Ostroff

Data Source

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Parcels in the Pines was originally introduced in 2017 and includes data on approximately 285,000 tax parcels within the legislative boundaries of the New Jersey Pinelands. Paved roads, waterbodies, rivers, streams and wetlands are also shown on the map. Green shaded areas represent public openspace. Note that the parcel sizes shown in acres were computed from the shapefile polygons. It is not likely that these sizes will agree with the parcel size shown on property deeds.


Legislative Boundaries of the New Jersey Pinelands

Municipal Boundaries

NJDOT Road Network

Public Openspace
State (2013):
County (2013):
National (2008):

Waterbodies, rivers, streams and wetlands from the USGS National Hydrography Dataset:

Additonal waterbodies and wetlands from NJDEP 2012 Land Use/Landcover data:

Waterbody names from USGS GNIS:

Parcel Data (2014)
Atlantic County

Burlington County

Camden County

Cape May County

Cumberland County

Gloucester County

Ocean County

Approximately 400 buildings from OpenStreetMap:
Approximately 6300 buildings from the author’s personal dataset

Access/Use Constraints

LIDAR the Pines HD (“the map”) is available exclusively via the viewer at You may post map links and screenshots on the web, but may not provide live access to the map or use the map data on another website. A separate, downloadable version of the map is available for offline personal use on smartphones, computers and GPS devices at the link below.

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This map is the author’s interpretation of data downloaded from the New Jersey Geographic Information Network. It has not been reviewed or approved by any government agency. Legislative, municipal, parcel, openspace and other boundaries are not survey grade and may contain substantial errors. There may also be errors and omissions in the ownership and other data displayed on the map. Absolutely no representations are made regarding accuracy and this map should not be used for legal or survey purposes.

The user should not assume they are permitted to drive or walk on a road or trail just because it appears on this map. Some of the roads and trails shown may be on private property or may have regulations prohibiting vehicular or other use. Some roads may not be passable and could be dangerous. It is the sole responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of any road shown on this map.

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