Philadelphia aerial photography 2016

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Color Citywide digital orthophotography with a ground resolution of 3 inch per pixel, georeferenced to the Pennsylvania State Plane Coordinate System, and delivered as mosaicked raster images only. The dataset consists of mosaicked orthogonal imagery produced from nadir images captured by Pictometry International during the period of March 1, 2016 through April 30, 2016. NOTE: This imagery mosaicked by way of an automated process. There was no manual correction of visible seamlines.

Imagery was acquired with ground free of snow cover and deciduous vegetation less than 30% of full bloom. Frames with clouds were rejected and reflown. Any planned deviation from these conditions imposed by capture window constraints was discussed with client prior to commencement of acquisition. The vendor utilized best available Digital Terrain Models including a Pictometry Produced LiDAR derived DEM, combined with the calibrated camera interior orientations and directly observed Exterior Orientations (EOs) to rectify the images.

Pictometry standard ortho mosaic products are produced through automated mosaicking processes that incorporate digital elevation data with individual Pictometry ortho frames to create large-area mosaics on an extremely cost-effective basis. Because these products are produced through automated processes, rather than more expensive manual review and hand-touched corrective processes, there may be inherent artifacts in some of the resulting mosaics. While Pictometry works to minimize such artifacts, the Pictometry standard ortho mosaic products are proved on an ‘AS IS’ basis with respect to visible cutlines along mosaic seams resulting from the following types of artifacts:

1. Disconnects in non-elevated surfaces generally caused by inaccurate elevation data;
2. Disconnects in elevated surfaces (e.g., roadways, bridges, etc.) generally caused by elevated surfaces not being represented in the elevation data:
3. Building intersect and clipping generally caused by buildings not being represented int he elevation data:
4. Seasonal variations caused by images taken at different times during a season, or during different seasons:
5. Ground illumination variations caused by images taken under different illumination (e.g. sunny, high overcast, morning light, afternoon light. etc.) within one flight day or during different flight days;
6. Single GSD color variations caused by illumination differences or mulitiple-aircraft/camera captures;
7. Mixed GSD color variations caused by adjacent areas being flown at different ground sample distances (GSDs); and
8. Water body color variations caused by multiple individual frames being used to create a mosaic across a body of water (e.g., lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.).


Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)
Philadelphia Office of Innovation and Technology
Pictometry International Corp.

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The City of Philadelphia reserves all rights in the City’s databases and any data contained therein, and the end user’s use of the data does not constitute a transfer of, nor does the end user receive, any title or interest in the database or any other City data. The City of Philadelphia makes no representation about the accuracy of any specific information in this data and is provided “as is” and without Warranty of any kind. The user of this data will assume complete responsibility for any and all occurrences resulting from its use or display and will hold the City of Philadelphia harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, obligations, damages, suits, judgments or settlements, including reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, that arise from use of this data.

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