Vermeule’s Map of the Pines

by Boyd Ostroff

Data Source

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This new map is based on 54 topographic maps of Southern New Jersey by topographer C. C Vermeule for the New Jersey Geological and Water Survey during the period 1870-1887. The original maps were downloaded from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Supply and Geoscience. The downloaded PDF files were converted to TIFF files and georeferenced by aligning their 1-minute grids with high resolution modern data. Each map was then color-corrected with Photoshop, cropped to its grid boundary and stitched into a seamless map that was converted into map tiles for online use. A notable feature of the Vermeule maps is their scale of 3 inches = 1 mile, or 1:21,120 – which is actually higher resolution than modern 1:24,000 (24k) USGS topographic maps.


Original maps from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Supply and Geoscience:

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